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Schedule24 Resource Manager - Introduction to Shift Pattern Designer


The Shift Pattern Designer is a design environment that includes a Shift Pattern Design Wizard and a suite of of specialized editing tools for creating customized shift patterns. In Schedule24 shift pattern designs are used to automate and scale up staff schedules.

Shift patterns can be used for both team working and also individual work arrangements. You can combine different shift pattern designs into one schedule to manage complex workplace environments. You use the Team Manager to allocate or re-allocate staff from one shift pattern to another when there is more than one shift pattern in use by the staff schedule.

After this lesson you will:

  1. Understand the relationship between a staff schedule and a shift pattern;
  2. Know how to navigate around the Shift Pattern Designer;
  3. Be able to create a shift pattern for 24/7 working;
  4. Understand how to use a shift pattern to automate your staff schedule.

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