staff scheduling and consulting services


Changing staff schedules can be expensive and stakeholders want reassurance the change is worthwhile. We offer independent advice about workforce shift patterns and the latest working arrangements emerging across a range of industries so you can decide whether the new proposed plan will be significantly better than the old one.


Delivering an effective 24/7 staff supply does not happen by chance; and a scheduling mismatch between business demand and staffing levels can 'burn' through up to 60% of staff costs without delivering any appreciable benefit to your business. We can demonstrably improve staff cost benefit across the whole of your business.


There has been a seismic shift as today's workforce move away from traditional working hours. At the same time businesses have been extending the working day to deliver services and products for longer. We offer bespoke services in shift pattern design, the key to flexible working, maximising productivity, and safeguarding profits.