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Welcome to Intellicate. We provide employee scheduling software to companies of all sizes and industries. We recognized the importance of effective workforce schedule management in maintaining a competitive edge, efficient operations, and steady profitability—and we also realized that a majority of today’s businesses didn't have the tools they needed to achieve these goals. Our software is designed to enable business managers, team leaders and line supervisors to compete and have access to the same kind of functionality and tools much larger organizations aspire but at a fraction of the cost.

With partners in Australia and the United States, Intellicate provides software and services to clients around the world.

our vision

We have designed our software with three things in mind: it is affordable; it does not need specialist IT support; and it can be used by anybody. Our vision is to demonstrate the complex relationship between staff costs and business profitability can be managed effectively by the line manager using our software. To that end we focus on these key cornerstones:

Experience: At Intellicate, we’re powered by a team of industry veterans who have served as operations managers in both public and private sectors. We work closely with developers and technical leads to ensure that every detail of our solution reflects operational focus.

Focus: There are plenty of “all-in-one” solutions that promise to deliver HR, payroll, time management, and scheduling in one neat package, but their workflow management modules usually operate like an afterthought. With a singular focus on employee scheduling, Schedule24 delivers best-in-class features that result in smooth workflow, happy employees, and a healthy ROI.

Service: We’re proud to provide premier, personalized customer support to many organizations around the world. Our courteous, experienced representatives are available to guide you through every stage of the process, from planning and discovery through implementation and management.

Results: By utilizing best practices in staff scheduling, our innovative solutions are targeted to empower organizations to achieve effortless workflow, improved staff communications, and increased levels of productivity and profitability.

our customers

Our employee scheduling software serves businesses of all sizes operating in a wide-range of market sectors. Below is a diverse sample of our customers.

white papers

Workforce Scheduling White Papers - a collection of in-depth technical collateral. To read all white papers click here.
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    Employee Scheduling: The neglected management skill?

    This document highlights the problems businesses face, and how the right workforce scheduling software should engage the management skills.
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    The emerging work culture of independence and responsibility

    Flexible working is probably one of the most over-used and least understood phrases in business.
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    Home Office Study: Police Resource Management

    This Home Office Report in partnership with Accenture provides an in-depth study about police resource management in the UK.
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